The BOTFELLOWS are the robotics experts of Fraunhofer IWU. Stemming from the department of »Cognitive Human-Machine Systems« under the leadership of Dr.-Ing. Mohamad Bdiwi, interdisciplinary research is conducted in the field of production systems for smart and resource-efficient production of the future. The guiding principle is the application-oriented research and development of innovative technologies and solutions for scenarios in business and industry.


The key research areas of BOTFELLOWS include:

  • Design of interaction systems in the field of human-machine systems
  • Smart technologies for human-robot collaboration


These areas serve as enablers for efficient and safe collaboration between humans and machines. Fraunhofer IWU boasts excellent technical facilities, facilitating the development of technology and applications that are close to practical implementation and series production. Welcome to BOTFELLOWS at Fraunhofer IWU!